Can Coffee Benefit Women’s Health

One makes common in life is it with age, you become often more conscious to protect your health and to warn the development of illnesses. If you are a woman after the menopause with these concerns, you will be happy to know the most belated research than to drink 1 to 3 cups of coffee every day will protect your heart.

This survey of 15 years has been published lately in the American Newspaper of Clinical Nutrition to show that there were less died due to noncancerous challenging illnesses and illness of heart among women who were after the menopause. This group of women consumed 1 to 3 cups of coffee every day. It showed that coffee was responsible for these advantages of health, especially since it is the second most consumed the drink universally. Coffee is the main source of antioxidants for a lot of Americans in their daily food that will help to reduce illness of heart and inflammation as confirmed by Frost Lene Andersen, Doctorate that works in the department of the nutrition in the University of Oslo in Norway.

The results of the survey is been left of 27,312 women after the menopause that participates in this survey made by the Health of Women of Iowa. The survey began in 1986, and all participants had 55 to 69 years. They had not been diagnosed however with all conditions like diabetes, cancer, or illness of heart, to the exclusion of skin cancer. All women completed a 127 survey of the question about their regular habits, including consumption of coffee, use of the alcohol, and to smoke. None of the women changed their coffee that drinks some habits with the goal of the survey. The groups of women in the survey have been tracked for 15 years, and in this time, 1733 passed far from cancer, 1411 passed far from illness of heart, and to remain he 1211 died of other reasons. The women who consumed 1 to 3 cups of coffee every day had less a risk to die of illness of heart or challenging illnesses, not including cancer, by opposition to the other women the studied.

The women consumed 1 to 3 cups of coffee every day and were less possible to die of heart illness by 24% compared to the women who didn’t drink any coffee. The women who drank 1 to 3 cups of coffee every day had a 28% less risk to pass far from noncancerous inflammation, compared to those that abstained entirely of coffee. The death of cancer was not in relation with coffee that the drinking.

These results has not been seen for the consumption of other drinks, as tea, sugary drinks, juice of the fruit, soda of the food, and milk. The survey didn’t conclude that to drink coffee was completely responsible for a risk lowered of heart illness, but the results were logical to confirm that to drink 1 to 3 cups of coffee every day provides the protection against challenging illness and cardiovascular questions in women who are postmenopausal.

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