There are many people i.e, not only kids but many adults who are totally addicted in video games. Most of us play games on mobile phones, tv, computer or laptop. But each mode of technology has its own pros and cons.

If you are a person who is totally addicted in playing video games then this article is for you! It is mostly seen that gamers enjoy gaming on televisions which provides gaming features as it provides you with bigger screen and real effect. But the rays which are emitted from the tv are harmful for your eyes and brain. So it is necessary that you use a gaming monitor. We came across this roundup of best gaming monitors under 200 by Hometroix and that list is pretty good for beginners who wants to buy a gaming monitor.

A best gaming monitor provides you with high refresh rates, anti-tearing technology, best quality that too with black levels, a bigger screen and also a smoother gaming experience. There are various size of gaming monitor available in the market so you need to select the right and affordable gaming monitor.

Importance of best gaming monitors

Gaming monitor v/s Television for video gaming

Before planning to have any of them, you need to research in deep regarding the advantages and disadvantages of both. If you are planning to have a gaming tv then you need to ensure that it has low input lag and also whether it contains game mode feature. Above this all, you need to make sure that which type of video game are you planning to play.

When it comes to competitive FPS gaming, a gaming monitor with high Hz rate, flexible sync technology, quick response time, and crisp resolution is the best choice. Any 144Hz gaming monitor with the free sync or G-sync technology will surely offer you the most fluid and smooth gaming experience possible. Moreover, a 1440p resolution or higher on a 27-inch screen results in a higher pixel density which makes for more details and crisp picture quality. You can also check which is the best router under 100 dollars?

If you are not a person who is totally addicted to fast-paced action games or a competitive gaming but like to enjoy a slow-paced video games like quiz or any other slow games then you can prefer a gaming tv. The reason behind this is because the money invested for a 27 inch and 144Hz gaming monitor that too with an adaptive sync, you can get a big 50 inch TV that too with 120Hz.

But if you are thinking about your eyes and brain then you need to prefer gaming monitor. But before planning to purchase a gaming monitor ensure that it has high refresh rates as they are more trending in the field of gaming monitor because it provides smoother gaming experience while playing fast paced action games. It is also seen that most game addicted people prefers fast paced action games rather than slow paced games.

Importance of Screen size & Resolution

Due to the development in gaming technology, there is an increasing participation of gamers day by day. Even though there are lot of advanced features in gaming, still some gamers prefer personal computer for hardcore gaming. The latest computers are attached with heavy machines which are capable of providing you an unparalleled experience that is very difficult to feel. Every PCs does not provide with all facilities and features so people rely on other sources. Generally people prefer to buy different components separately and later assemble them to achieve the desired way. If you are also one of them who assembles a PC and that too only for gaming then there is one thing which you should never compromise and that is screen.


There are hundred of types due to which it is natural that you may get confused. So before purchasing a gaming monitor you can distinguish each of them on the basis of colour contrast ration and grey-to-grey response. You can also select a gaming monitor by possessing its high resolution and also the size of the screen. But before planning to purchase a high resolution screen, you should also ensure about the pixels present in the screen. Also you need to make note about the GPU support as some with single GPUs cannot handle the 4K gaming monitor. So don’t overload by adding 4K on those which cannot handle.

Importance of best gaming monitors – everything you need to know